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Transportation Connection 101



    Welcome from the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) and thank you for your interest and your time today.

    This interactive tour is your opportunity to learn more about Transportation Connection - a plan for the future of transportation in North Dakota – and your opportunity to tell us what is important. Thanks for clicking through and answering a few quick questions. Remember to continue to check the Transportation Connection website for upcoming surveys, briefings, and information. This is your plan and NDDOT wants to hear from you.

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    What is Transportation Connection?

    North Dakota's statewide long-range transportation planning effort.

    The NDDOT is responsible for developing a plan for the entire state transportation system. A statewide plan is required by the USDOT, but it is also important to the traveling public, businesses, visitors, our communities and our economy.

    What Transportation Connection IS

    Transportation Connection will provide guidance and direction to the NDDOT on transportation priorities for all of North Dakota, including:

    • Considering all modes of travel such as roads, rail, aviation and drones, pipelines, bicycling, and walking;
    • Identifying future policies and programs to help the NDDOT deliver the transportation system that North Dakota needs today and tomorrow; and
    • Developing a guiding vision, goals, strategies, and performance measures to help NDDOT make decisions moving forward.

    This plan will be informed by your ideas as well as input from residents, businesses, visitors, and state, regional, and local planning partners.

    What Transportation Connection is NOT

    This plan will address statewide needs, solutions, issues and opportunities over the next 20 years. It will not address locally-owned roads such as the sidewalk down your block, the speed limit on your street, or the traffic signal by your work.

    Check In: Transportation Connection

    Tell us more about why transportation is important to you!
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    Making Decisions

    Why is it important to plan?

    Transportation affects us all – from how we get to school, work, and shops, how packages arrive on our doorstop, how we visit places and friends, and how North Dakota is connected to the world.

    Just as you might plan ahead to save for retirement, or anticipate what repairs your house may need in 10 years, or to prioritize your household budget – the NDDOT does the same thing.

    Planning ahead is important because selecting priorities, designing and constructing projects, and then maintaining those investments takes a long time – sometimes up to 15 years for major construction efforts.

    It's even more important today because North Dakota is changing and growing. Technological advances, fast-growing communities, economic and business shifts, global commodity and trade patterns, and our changing population all impact transportation needs.

    Transportation Connection will help the NDDOT anticipate what the state's future transportation needs might be and to develop a vision, goals, strategies, and measures for how to deliver those needs.

    Check In: Planning Ahead

    Preparing for tomorrow!

    Transportation Connection will look ahead more than 20 years so that we can deliver the transportation system that North Dakota needs today, and tomorrow.

    Since 2010, North Dakota's population has grown by the equivalent of which city?

    • Fargo: 120,209
    • Williston: 26,102
    • Minot: 48,304
    • Grand Forks: 56,556
    Click to see the answer!

    Plan Objectives

    What will Transportation Connection achieve?

    This plan will result in an implementable and actionable framework for the NDDOT and partners moving forward. The framework will include a shared statewide vision, goals, key strategies, action items and performance measures.

    Hover or tap on the icons below to learn more about each component:

    vision icon


    How will North Dakota's transportation system support our state's communities, businesses, and travelers?

    strategies icon


    What specific actions are needed for North Dakota's transportation partners to achieve our vision and goals?

    implementation icon


    How will NDDOT and planning partners work together and coordinate on strategies?

    performance icon


    How will we track success and deliver on expectations?

    goals icon


    What is most important for North Dakota's transportation system to provide and support?

    trends icon


    What does North Dakota look like tomorrow and what does the traveling public expect from the transportation system?

    funding icon


    What investments should NDDOT be making and how do we assess tradeoffs given limited resources?

    ideas icon

    Your Ideas!

    Transportation Connection will be crafted in close coordination with the public, regional and local planning partners, and other state agencies.

    Public Input

    Who will be engaged?

    Transportation Connection will be developed in close coordination and cooperation with a broad array of voices, organizations, agencies, and representatives from across North Dakota.

    Transportation means different things to different people. We understand that what is important and what is expected from the state's transportation system varies depending on where you live, how you get around, how young or old you are, and how mobile you may be. It's important that we hear from all of North Dakota in developing Transportation Connection and when looking ahead at what North Dakota's transportation future holds.

    Hover or tap the images to reveal the type of stakeholder

    Urban Residents

    Urban Residents

    Youth and Students

    Youth and Students

    Tribal Governments

    Tribal Governments

    Agricultural Industry

    Agricultural Industry

    Community Advocates

    Community Advocates

    Rural Residents

    Rural Residents

    Older Residents

    Older Residents

    Elected Officials

    Elected Officials

    Energy Industry

    Energy Industry

    Conservation Organizations

    Conservation Organizations





    Aviation, Drone, and Maritime Interests

    Aviation and Drones

    Freight Carriers and Shippers

    Freight Carriers and Shippers

    Bike and Walk Interests

    Bike and Walk Interests

    Public Agency Partners

    Public Agency Partners

    Non English Language Speakers

    Limited English Language Speakers

    Technology Providers

    Technology Providers

    Economic Development Representatives

    Economic Development Representatives

    Recreation and Public Land Users

    Recreation and Public Land Users

    Check In: Your thoughts

    What does transportation mean to you?

    Transportation is essential to all of us and we all depend on the state transportation system to be connected. If you had to describe what transportation means to you what would you say?

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    What Happens Next?

    Stay engaged throughout the entire process.

    The NDDOT is leading the development and implementation of Transportation Connection throughout 2020. Your ongoing involvement is important as we look ahead to what the future holds, understand what North Dakota's transportation wants and needs are, and develop a plan to meet those needs.

    Transportation Connection will be collecting public input throughout 2020, this means there will be many opportunities for you to get involved. Keep an eye out for surveys, meetings, comment periods, and virtual presentations. Remember to sign up to receive information via email and to follow us.

    spring icon


    • Assessing satisfaction and expectations
    • Understanding what is important
    • Reaching broad audiences
    summer icon


    • Planning for different scenarios
    • Establishing our vision and goals
    • Developing strategies and actions
    fall icon


    • Assessing financial tradeoffs
    • Establishing performance targets
    winter icon


    • Crafting the plan
    • Asking for feedback and comment
    • Transitioning to implementation

    Check In: Stay Connected

    Help us determine the best ways to continue the conversation.

    Thank you for your interest and participation in Transportation Connection. As we continue to develop this plan, it's important that we stay connected so that you can hear from us and we can learn from you.

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    Connect with Us

    Help us get to know you better.

    Transportation Connection is your plan and your opportunity to shape North Dakota’s transportation future. Your voice and your ideas are essential and we want to hear from you directly. And tell your friends, neighbors, and co-workers just how important it is that the NDDOT hears from everyone to help develop this plan and to help make transportation easy, safe, and accessible for everyone.

    Throughout this plan, your ideas and input will be critical in developing Transportation Connection's vision, goals, strategies, measures, and actions.

    Tell us more about yourself

    We want to be sure that we are reaching all North Dakota residents, so it would be great if you could share a little bit more information about yourself by completing a short demographic survey. Don’t worry, your information will not be used or retained in any other way.

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